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Ann Next Door Returns


This is part of my continuing adventures with Ann Next Door https://xhamster.com/stories/ann-next-door-10031080 Even though we're next-door neighbors, I don't see a lot of Ann and her husband. Mostly it's on weekends when we're outside doing yard work. And mostly it's me pushing my lawnmower sneaking glances in the direction of their house watching Ann squat down to pull weeds, bend over to grab the hose, or stretch her long frame giving me a look at her firm breasts. It had been weeks since our first and only hookup. My brain had been foggy thinking about it, but as I said the first time,… Read more

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Something Very Special


Something Very Special By: Londebaaz Chohan For some much unknown reason or reasons, the passing year was very busy. Other than her part-time job, Candice worked as a volunteer in couple of the charitable organizations, keeping her busy till much late in the evening. Michael was also on the fast track and in spite of their desire to slow down in life had not been possible. They had not taken any mini vacations this year, like they had not gone to the beach even once throughout the summer. They had not gone out to eat at a good restaurant like they were dating and enjoying the fun ea… Read more

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Sharing my Indian wife with BBC

Group SexHardcoreMature

We are both in mid 40s and have been together for more than 20 years. We have both been faithful to each other and have never had sex with anyone else. Having sex with someone else has always been consider as wrong due to our belief. However, as always you start having different feelings when you see other people around you from different faith and that will eventually become a starting point. I was introduced to XHamster by a mate when we were having lads talk . That’s it.. I started watching all different videos on here and enjoy most of them. I became a regular on XHamster and started chat… Read more

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First TimeMature

Hi, I’m Sarah, married to Ted who has posted several Tales of our exploits, with my permission of course, however with me having lots of time on my hands, due to the current situation, I thought I would start telling a few of my own and compile a “Sarah’s Stories” series. Obviously these will be written with Ted’s permission and a little help. Enjoy!!x This story isn’t related to our swinging exploits as it happened way before I even knew Ted and although I did have a boyfriend at the time it was nothing serious. I was 20 and studying at university and, as most people did at the time, did a v… Read more

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My idea of a good fuck


Guys, I get asked many times what I like in bed etc... This hopefully goes some way describing what I like in bed.. Lying on my back, the flush of sexual excitement makes its way past my bare chest and up to my face. My arms reach down, pulling on the back of your head, pulling you hard against my clit as your tongue lashes me. You have two fingers inside me, stroking quickly on that sweet spot. I'm not going to last long like this, yet I want to prolong it. I want to feel your cock inside me, filling me. Reluctantly, I push your head away and you look up. There is a wet sheen on your face f… Read more

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Lansing, Michigan - ORAL ALL-STAR

FetishFirst TimeTaboo

My visit to the state capital of Michigan in Lansing was without a doubt, a lesson in the good that can come out of kindness. By good I mean getting to bust a nut in a sexy girls face just for being kind as I'll explain. So I was at a conference full of college juniors and seniors who were there to network and listen to speakers and such. It was a suit/dress type of gathering which gets annoying but regardless it has its advantages. We had all just sat down for dinner (500+ people) as the endless yammering began from speaker… Read more

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The disappointment: Chantelle again


Door open just as she has promised, Chantelle lays chewing the tip of her hair and grinding her caged cock into the bed until she can feel the pre-cum ooze and half-listens to a sissy hypno she's left playing in the background. She's in a nearly see through black top under a too tight girdle that constricts her rib cage but pushes at her fattening nipples, making them all tender against the coverlet. In the half light, her pale cheeks glisten above the black line of her wet-look stockings, and the thinnest of thongs separates each half-moon of her plump arse and feels … ready. It begins with… Read more

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Owning my Indian in-laws(Chapter -1)

TabooGroup Sex

Disclaimer:-This is a piece of fiction. None of the events mentioned in the story are real and all the characters are adult. You are not authorised to use my work and publish it elsewhere without my permission. Alarm buzzes off Rahul wakes up from his sweet sleep 4 in the morning as he is supposed to drive his wife Sudha to the station she is going to attend her friend's weeding. Which means they could have there much needed break as his matrimonial life has become a mess lately. They got ready get in the car headed for the station. While getting out of the car his wife kissed him and said… Read more

Posted by rk488464 2 hours ago 242

Cumming in older womens Hands. Edgeing for hours /

Interracial SexMasturbationMature

Antonia opened the communal front door, greeting me in a summer’s mini-dress … which perhaps might look odd in this cold to passers-by. I followed her shashay up the stairs, entranced by her wiggling glutes. In the bedsit, Antonia kicked off with pleasant if rather random chat … amongst which there was a request for £90 and an instruction to then fully undress. Further babble … and I was then guided to lie prone on the bed, as I spotted Antonia discreetly set an alarm. As I made myself comfy on the tissue-over-towel spread, typically splaying my thighs to expose my package, Antonia checked if… Read more

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Feeling like a Porn Star

FetishGroup SexAnal

My wife had expressed to me once before that she wanted to be porn movie director or even an actress, that is when she told herself she wanted the porn star body first. I decided to come up with an idea where she can experience what it felt like to be at least an actress on camera. I logged onto my computer and I placed an ad looking for a “nice well-endowed cock to pleasure my wife”. The response was overwhelming. Tons of interested men flooded our inbox and have all sent pictures of their cock as if I had asked for them to send one for their audition. I chuckled to myself. Anyway, looking th… Read more

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First TimeGay MaleGroup Sex

At the breakfast table on Monday morning, conversation was lively as ever, topics ranging from education, business and politics all leading to their favorite topic: SEX. And of course, all the hot talk led to the family going at it. Marie was getting railed by Kyle in missionary. Savannah was getting fucked by Grayson in doggy as she sucked off Little Charlie. Selena and Natasha were sharing a dildo, playing with each other's tits. Once the whole family was fucked out, they all left to find more to fuck. Kyle headed back to the studio to do some more porn shoots along with Emily and Marie. V… Read more

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Bisex #1

First TimeGay MaleGroup Sex

I had always felt comfortable when around other guys. Secure in my sexuality, I knew I was only into women. Confident with my body and size, I had never been embarrassed in the locker room or when changing around guys. I kept myself in good shape: decent six-pack abs, toned arms ... and a 7" cock with just the right amount of girth. I kept my pubes shaved close to make it look even bigger. So it almost goes without saying that moving into the guy's dorm, at the start of my freshman year of college, was an easy transition. My roommate Adam and I hit it off right away. He was attractive, outgoi… Read more

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The Sexy Robber


I awoke in the dark. Then, I heard the sound that had broken my slumber. The kitchen floor creaked downstairs--no mistaking that sound. I reached in my nightstand drawer and felt for my pistol. Armed and alert I went down the stairs with my heart pounding hard. I avoided all the known creaky spots on the stairs and made it downstairs without a sound. "Freeze or I'll shoot!" I cried. I had surprised the intruder from behind and commanded they put their hand behind their head. Seemed like the right request, nearly every action drama I have ever seen includes that scene. I reached for the light… Read more

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My hiking trip part 3

HardcoreShemale PornInterracial Sex

After Nancy left I got a few hours sleep. I got my stuff packed up and headed out. Three hours later I made it to a checkpoint, but I didn't stay long. I didn't want to run into anyone I have met and or fucked this trip and because of my all night fuckfest with Nancy, I wanted to get there early and try to get a good night sleep. I stopped for a drink break, so I compared my map and GPS to see how my further I had to go. I noticed that just a head there was a trail that split off a different direction, but it should cut about an hour off of my hike. At some points it looked steep and the terr… Read more

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How I Became His Office Fucktoy

Gay MaleMatureAnal

Every day now at my lunch break I service one of my many Daddies in his office in the building where I work. He'll always slip me a few bucks, a $20 or even $50 afterwards, not as a payment for sex, but as a "tip" "for all the hard work you do here," he says. I work in the parking garage connected to the building this 50-something rich, handsome, budding attorney has an office in, doing cleaning, maintenance, and customer service which m… Read more

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We All Wanted Annie

AnalFirst Time

All of the engineers wanted to get into Annie's pants. I was the lucky one who did. Back in the late sixties, I was working for NASA at Kennedy Space Center and everyone was working on the Apollo missions. Every engineer was a guy wearing a white shirt with a pen holder in his shirt pocket. Then one day this gorgeous female electrical engineer was hired! Her name was Ann Brooks and she had blue eyes, short platinum blonde hair, and we all went gaga over her. Not only was she the first female engineer we’d eve… Read more

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Threesome with my neighbors

AnalGroup SexHardcore

A few weeks before Christmas last year, I got a text from my neighbor Tom that simply asked if he could stop by to discuss something important with me. After assuring me it wasn’t an emergency, we decided I would just stop by his house when I got home from work since it would be late. We were friendly with all our neighbors, most of whom were middle-age or older couples with k**s in high school, college or out of the house entirely. Tom and his wife, Robin, have a 19-year old daughter, Jackie, and twin older daughters who graduated college that Fall and got an apartment in NYC. Jackie had gr… Read more

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Exposure manifesto at work.


Like most guys who get into this sort of thing, I led my wife into posing for some porno pics, then having got them, I showed my friends at work. It was through my own fault that my wife Margie found out what I'd done. She had several times asked me, quite casually it seemed to me, whether I'd shown the pics to anyone. At first I told her that I hadn't, but then after she asked again on a couple of further occasions, and as I say, sounding so casual about it, I thought that she in fact wanted me to, and so I eventually told her. Well what a disaster. She went mad about it. We often socialize… Read more

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Matt Blows Me, With Wife's Encouragement

Gay MaleGroup SexTaboo

It was Monday morning in Australia and I was looking forward to a productive start to the week. I was up early, I went for a swim and a sauna, bacon and eggs for breakfast and I was settling in to a big day of work. The I received a Facebook message from an old tennis partner of mine Matt. After high school I played a little bit of tennis and I was teamed up with a guy called Matt. Nice guy, better tennis player than I was and we would have a beer after tennis but were never super close mates. He was (is) maybe five years older than me and he was married to this super hot Norwegian chick. I… Read more

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My Step Cousin Madeleine-The true story Part 1


so you read through the background, if not go back to the introduction(The True Beginning) This is where it really got good for my 18 year old self . So we were both living in my grandmothers 3 family home. My step cousin Madeleine in the top apartment , grandma on the middle floor and myself in the basement apartment.Each day I would go to school and be home around 3 and eagerly await Madeleine's return from her hospital shift at 7. I would heat up what my grandma had cooked for the day and hangout while Maddie ate.We would get grandma ready for bed and then call it a night Maddie to… Read more

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