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Late Night at the Laundromat


Getting back into writing, hope you enjoy this new story. I used to work the night shift at an all night coin operated laundry. It was an okay job for a college student and afforded me plenty of time to study. I worked from 11PM to 7AM, four nights a week and was often called and asked to work the other nights as well. I didn't mind, my last class was at 3 in the afternoon, so I would get out of class grab a bite to eat and crash until it was time to go to work. We offered a laundry service drop off as well as self service and a lot of it was left to the night shift because it was not unusu… Read more

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Vacation Cuckold 2


I chuckled nervously at Deb’s comments for two reasons. First, yes, I did set the whole thing up, even telling them the kind of alcohol that my wife liked. And, it worked out the way I wanted it to so far, but I was already wondering if I would regret it. Bob’s cock was better than mine ever had been and he clearly knew how to use it, and Deb clearly got off on dominating me and making me clean up my own cum. Secondly, I chuckled because I knew my wife would never let Bob put that big cock in her ass. She had always told me that her ass was exit only. I had never even had a finger in her ass e… Read more

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My first Real Monster Cock

AnalMasturbationGay Male

I was a sissy boy, who had turned 14 teen. I had sucked and been fucked by a lot of cock for my age. So far the 2 biggest cock i sucked and were fucked by were 9" big older man's white cock and 12' older boys BBC cock. I had sucked a was fucked by a lot older mens and older boys cocks crusing at a local park. I had become a sissy boy cock hound. i was always looking for my next cock. That summer a older man moved in a house at the dead end of our street. he kept to himself and had a privacy fence that went around most of his yard. As boys in the neighborhood we would hear all kinds of stories… Read more

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Crescendo worth waiting for

VoyeurGroup Sex

I’d like to start with a sensual massage, me blindfolded, you in the corner watching... We are in a large private room with a massage table in the center and a chair off to the side on a slightly raised platform, and a large window with a nature view on another wall. As I undress, and before you put the blindfold on me, I peeked at the items on the table nearby and touched a bowl of warm stones, a bottle of massage oil, a hot wet towel, and a light linen cloth covering what could be a selection of toys.You smiled and pulled me away before I could look under the cloth. You give me a knowing l… Read more

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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 61

Lesbian Sex

“I just sent her this,” said Kelly, holding up her phone for Ms. Valentine to see. The lighting was not good but it was clearly a picture of the teacher naked and bound, her mouth agape and her legs slightly parted. “Though I like this one too.” She brushed her finger across the phone and the picture changed to one taken from Kelly’s point of view. The top of Ms. Valentine’s head was visible but the rest was buried in red pubic hair. Sara Valentine groaned. Not only had she been fooled and used, but there was now visual evidence of her having sex with a student. Though of course no one would… Read more

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u fucking c

AnalGroup SexHardcore

How the fuck did this happen to me? Screams of pleasure echo in the room and I sprawl helpless from the pounding I’m taking, with cheers from what I guess is the audience. Hell it’s all blurry…how did this happen? I’m there… I guess it all started from a TV show. I like my men athletically built. I was watching one of those fighting shows, you know with the cage thing. I don’t like the assholes I see on there but the nice ones really get me going. As I was watching one particular show this stud on the TV was ripped in just his shorts so nice and powerful I couldn’t help but pull out my favorit… Read more

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Real - Amtrak encounter (part 2)


After resting a while Master said we needed to get dressed because the dinner car attendant would come through the cars to take reservations for dinner (lunch was just show up and sit down, but dinner had reservations). But there would be no rest for me, though I could use it ... I had been up since 2am and was not 20 anymore lol. Miss Marie removed the harness from me and removed the plug and placed it in the sink for me to wash. She took the geisha balls and slid them in my cunt, one at a time. I was so wet that they just went in with no effort. Two large balls in total. She then turned t… Read more

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Carmen Humiliated

Lesbian SexBDSMHardcore

My marriage to Walt had been a dream come true and I cherished each day we were together and the great sex we had been having. I was home one day when Walt called me into the living room and as I entered I saw him sitting in his lounge chair naked from the waist down. "Get over here whore" he demanded and I went over in front of him "Yes my love" I said to him "Get your fuckin' clothes off" he then ordered and I immediately stripped off my clothes. Whatever Walt wanted I simply obeyed for pleasing him was all that mattered to me. "Get on your fuckin' knees" he then ordered "And put your… Read more

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new neighbour (fake story from Hubby)


I recently broke up from my wife of many years and I found a new home for myself it was summertime and I decided I had done enough unpacking for a while as it was such a nice evening I went out to the back garden for a little sit down and a nice cold beer. as I was sitting there in the sun light I heard a noise from next door I walked close to the fence and I could hear the lady next door talking saying "there is a new person living next door all I know is he is single and alone" I wanted to hear more but all I got was "ok Jane chat later bye" I walked away from the fence but stepped on a bran… Read more

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Real - Amtrak encounter (Part 1)

BDSMLesbian SexAnal

This story is real and is my recollection of an event that happened in 2018. It may be long to read and some elements are not BDSM related or even erotic, but I have such a good memory of this trip that I wanted to write my recollection as a nice, complete description rather than skipping over the more vanilla aspects. Master had to go to St Louis for work and to visit family, and he decided I should go with him and that we would take the train, from San Antonio. I grew up in Europe (Germany, France, Switzerland) and love being on trains and had always been curious being on an overnight journ… Read more

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The Dunguen pt 1


It was my biggest fantasy , i had always wanted to visit one and i knew i would be nervous as much as i was excited but i had never wanted to push myself so much before in my life , all the new experiences and feelings would tip me right over the edge , i tingled from head to toe in anticipation as i was led by my Sirs hand down some stairs, the visual overload would be too much so my Sir decided to blindfold me to reduce the stimulation, after that he placed my collar around my neck reminding me that i was his , i belonged to him and i boy i never felt safer , i was led blindfold into a room… Read more

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Vacation Fantasy BBW Cuckold Wife


Vacation dream fantasy So, my wife is a very sexually conservative bbw. Average size, saggy tits, big belly with a couple of rolls, big ass, big loose pussy. She will never even initiate sex with me because “good girls” don’t do that. Recently, she has at least allowed me to eat her asshole which I love. I dream of her being fucked by another guy, maybe coming home to me with a cream pie overflowing her pussy and then making me eat it, but that will never happen. We are both in our mid fifties but due to some meds I take I can’t get it up anymore. I still enjoy her stroking me off, but I don’t… Read more

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Rachael ... part 1

HardcoreFirst Time

‘Fuck it! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!’ I looked up from loading my shopping into the boot of my car to see a red haired woman standing near her car parked two spaces from mine in the blisteringly hot supermarket car park. The woman looked like the archetypal milf – tight white v-neck t-shirt with, clearly, no bra as her nipples were pushing against the thin material. Shorts, flip-flops and sunglasses completed her oufit. I closed the boot of my car and casually wandered over towards the woman. ‘Fuck!’ she repeated as I stood beside her as she looked dejectedly at the flat tyre on her car. ‘Hello! Can… Read more

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Cuck-Husband Issues

Interracial SexVoyeurMature

I can't speak for every guy that's a cuckold, of course, but for me, I simply cannot achieve a truly satisfying orgasm unless I can fuck my wife only after some other guy has done so. In fact this curious little 'quirk' of mine is precisely what led my wife and I into our current cuckold lifestyle; and it was entirely by mutual consent. I love watching my wife with other guys fucking, and being fucked. There's nothing quite as exciting as that (for me), and the ultimate turn-on is when Sondra's pussy is full to over flowing with a big, hot load of fresh cum from the other guy; and then I mou… Read more

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my lovely shy wife pt.1

MatureVoyeurFirst Time

I have been a fan of reading stories for a long time, but this is my first time writing one, I have plenty of time since I hurt my back at work and will be out for a few more weeks, This story took place about two years ago when my wife was forty four years old we had five c***dren ages seven to twenty one, although she had five k**s she still had a nice body, one that I compared to the vintage porn actress Kay Parker only slightly thicker and I love her 36dd I play with them anytime she lets me, throughout our marriage she had been a stay at home mom, mainly because I was the jealous type and… Read more

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It was a typical Los Angeles winter night. Raining and cold, Sara looked out at the rain-soaked streets, knowing that she would have to work tonight, rain or not. She walked out of her apartment to the corner and caught the bus 10 minutes later heading off for another night of work. Her new day job was only good for minimum wage and 20 hours a week, so she still needed her night job to make ends meet. She got to her normal area and got off. She then started her normal night work, walking two blocks to the dark corner with the overhead streetlight out, and waited. She was wearing a long tan ov… Read more

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A Committed Mother - Chapter 1


Kenny was a high school senior with nearly everything going for him. He was handsome, well built, tall at about 6'3", intelligent, and popular at school with the girls and the guys. Teachers liked him because he was a dedicated student. The coaches liked him because he was a gifted athlete. The teachers and coaches all looked out for him because they considered him "at risk". He was raised by a single mom, never knew his father, and as wonderful as his mother was, they were concerned that he did not have an appropriate role model and could fall in with the wrong crowd. It was more complicated… Read more

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Food for thought? Did her dog know I was Trans bef


Bear in mind that this story begins before the existence of the internet. I knew nothing ( or very little ), about Transgender. I had only seen one once at the age of 16, and never realised I was no different? May moons ago when I first met my wife at her home in Liverpool, I also met her 2 dogs.Tammy who was really was her mothers, and Tyson her Doberman. Her mother had passed away not long before she met me, and her Father died when she was only young. The dogs had little or no contact with men at all. Tammy was a really friendly Cavalier King Charles, and made a fuss of me. If I remember r… Read more

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Sexual Fantasies: Truth or Dare

Gay MaleFirst Time

DISCLAIMER: This particular series of stories will be one-off adventures. Some long, some short. Some straight, some lesbian, some gay. But hopefully you’ll find them arousing! Sexual Fantasies Truth or Dare Alex and Brad were high school seniors and best friends. They were hanging out one summer afternoon at Alex’s house, talking about girls, sports, and sex. A casual game of Truth or Dare was occurring, with both of them mostly opting for truth. A few questions in and things started to get interesting. “Truth.” Alex chose again. Brad smirked. “I have a good one. Have you e… Read more

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Cafe Thrills

Group SexHardcoreMasturbation

A bit of background, I am a 21 year old lady who works evenings in a café to help pay university fees. A couple of nights ago I was nearing the end of my shift and looking forward to locking up and heading home, unfortunately just then a group of 3 young men came in wanting coffees. Oh well I thought should only take a few minutes, so I agreed and put the kettle on and when to lay their table. As I reached over to place milk in the centre of the table, I felt a hand brush to back of my leg. “oops sorry” said one of the lads. Ignoring it I went to get the sugar and cups, again as I lent over t… Read more

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